Natural Bug Spray Bottle

Natural Bug Spray Bottle


    • Aluminum Bottle
    • 4 oz
    • Botanical Citrus Mint
    • Certified Organic Cedarwood, Peppermint, and Rosemary Oils
    • Effective against Mosquitos, flies, ants, ticks, and other insects
    • Deet Free
    • Non-Toxic

    If you are outdoors and wearing our sun protection then you will most likely be fending off the bugs when the sun goes down. 

    Our brand new formula is a combo of Organic  Cedarwood, peppermint and Rosemary oils.  We tested this formula on the east coast causeways,  to the docks of Michigan and then over to the surfing beaches in California where we call home. 

    Effective against Mosquitos, flies, and other insects however Deet Free and non-toxic.  This all natural formula is packed up in a reusable and recyclable aluminum bottle with an easy to spray mechanism to apply formula.  The bug repellant leaves behind a botanical citrus mint scent profile.  

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