December 7, 2022


MAUI, HAWAI‘I – The Maui Visitors and Convention Bureau (MVCB) has partnered with Raw Elements, the Department of Land and Natural Resources, Maui County Parks and Recreation, Pūlama Lānaʻi, Whalerʻs Village and several community organizations to provide twenty mineral-only sunscreen dispensers at high traffic beaches in Maui County. Raw Elements is an FDA-approved, non-GMO verified and cruelty-free certified brand. They create SPF products with certified organic ingredients.

In support of regenerative tourism, these dispensers will be available for free public use, benefitting kamaʻāina (residents), malihini (visitors) and kai (ocean) ecosystems. Locations of the mineral sunscreen dispensers include:

  • Kamaʻole 1, 2 and 3 Beach Parks
  • Keawakapu Beach (2 locations)
  • Pōhaku Beach Park
  • Pāpalaua Wayside Park
  • Baldwin Beach Park
  • Hoʻokipa Beach Park
  • Launiupoko Beach Park
  • Kalepolepo Beach Park
  • Kanahā Beach Park
  • Haycraft Beach Park
  • Whalerʻs Village (4 locations)
  • Waiʻānapanapa State Park
  • Honolua Farms Food Truck at Honolua Bay
  • Hulopoʻe Bay, Lānaʻi

This initiative supports the unanimous Maui County Council Ordinance outlawing all non-mineral sunscreens, which went into effect on October 1, 2022. MVCB will fund the materials and installation of the sunscreen dispensers. They will also fund ample bags of sunscreen and provide training for volunteers to refill the dispensers weekly ensuring dispensers are always stocked and in good condition.

Partnerships who are providing volunteers or staff to monitor the dispensers weekly include:

  • Hui o Ka Wai Ola
  • Rotary Clubs
  • Pacific Whale Foundation
  • Pūlama Lānaʻi
  • Whalerʻs Village
  • Hawaiʻi Wildlife Fund
  • Hawaiian Hawksbill Conservation
  • Honolua Farms Food Truck
  • Department of Land and Natural Resources
  • Maui County
  • Maui Visitors and Convention Bureau

“We are very grateful for the many volunteers, organizations and businesses who have stepped up across sectors within the community to support this initiative. So much is possible when we work together for the common good,” said Meagan DeGaia, Maui Visitors and Convention Bureau Destination Manager. “Our partners play a key role in keeping the dispensers filled and accessible for everyone to use.”

Maui Visitors and Convention Bureau and Whalerʻs Village will be hosting a ribbon-cutting event at Whalerʻs Village on Monday, December 12, 2022, from 9am-10am to celebrate the launch of this community-supported program benefiting ocean health in fulfillment of the DMAP. Speakers will include Mayor Michael Victorino and Maui County Councilmember, Tamara Paltin and Cindi Punihaole, the Director of Kahuluʻu Bay Education Center of the Kohala Center. A light breakfast will be provided.

Additionally, Maui Visitors and Convention Bureau is offering one free dispenser with an educational headboard and the first bag of sunscreen at no cost to hotels and lodging that commit to keeping the dispensers filled at their property and available to their guests for free.

“The mineral sunscreen dispensers will be a great addition throughout Maui County,” said Michelle McLinden Nuijen, Maui County Environmental Program Specialist. “By providing these resources in our community, we encourage our visitors and kamaʻāina to utilize them and make a conscious decision to mālama the environment.”

MVCB and Raw Elementsʻ partnership in providing mineral sunscreen dispensers meets key Maui DMAP goals, including:

  • Action B: Initiate, fund and continue programs to protect the health, ocean, freshwater, land-based ecosystems and biosecurity.
  • Action B.1: Promote Hawaiʻiʻs sunscreen law and educate visitors about proper sunscreen use through the goHawaii app and other visitor education programs.
  • Action B.4: Encourage and if needed provide incentives to visitor industry partners to {reduce ecological footprint}. Recognize those partners who have exceeded expectation.

“Raw Elements is honored to be a part of the positive movement in Maui County,” said Christoper Wagaman, Vice President of Sales and Business Development of Raw Elements. “These actions set the standard for everyone else to follow and make a change.”