Tinted Daily Moisturizer SPF 30 BIO-RESIN Tube

  • Our Daily Tinted Moisturizing Tube has just been updated in our packaging from aluminum to our Bio-Resin material.

    Bio-Resin is produced from sustainable Sugar cane crops capturing CO2 from the atmosphere vs. traditional petroleum which releases CO2. The green polyethylene help reduce greenhouse gases and reduces our carbon footprint significantly. Our sugar cane tube is 100 % recyclable and with a PCR resin Cap.

    You can travel with this durable packaging and not worry about imperfections or leakage. The formula is the sister to the Daily Moisturizer however containing Certified organic Cacao to add a nice matte tint to your skin.

    Over the years we have found this formula to be applied as a foundation piece in everyday self care. Containing 20% non-nano Zinc Oxide, this formula can sustain in the most extreme conditions however can be used as a cosmetic for everyday application for protection and moisturizing properties.

    Size: 1.8 fl oz / 51 g

    Product Highlights:

    Packaging change - Bio-Resin Tube, Polyethylene from Sugar Cane crops, 100 % recyclable and reduced carbon footprint by capturing CO2 vs. releasing CO2 from traditional petroleum

    • 20% non nano zinc oxide
    • Light weight and easy to apply
    • Certified organic Cacao as the tint
    • For all skin tones and skin types
    • Everyday use
    • Undercover foundation
    • Cosmetic
    • Water resistant
    • SPF 30 Broad spectrum protection for 80 min.


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